The Terminal List by Jack Carr

The Terminal List by Jack Carr was an audio book read from Audiobooks, trying to find the best replacement for Audible since they are part of the Bezos stranglehold on books and publishing. This is a definite member of the thriller genre.

To my dad, run and get this series from the library. I promise you that you will be thanking me profusely.

Military thriller written by a former Seal that will leave you eager for the next chapter and running to find the next in the series. This is the first book in the series and it is phenomenal. I don’t say that often but this book is truly phenomenal. It is fast paced, griping, well written, and engaging. It is based in reality without being reality if that makes sense.

What happens when political power lust backfires and a retiring Seal finds out? That is the basic, simplified premise that drives this action packed thriller. It expertly interweaves story, character growth, and action into a seamless, flawless fabric that pulls the reader in and keeps the reader wanting more.

There is nothing I would alter about this book, something I very rarely feel. But in a crowded field of former military penning novels, this book stands alongside the Eric Steele series by Sean Parnell as outstanding.

Five stars out of five stars and I am already listening to the second book in the series as I type this.

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