Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R. Levin

Liberty and Tyranny by Mark R. Levin was included in my summer book haul from Better World Books.  It is a non-fiction book in the politics/current events  sub-genre depending in what/who is doing the classifying.

Heads up for this blog post, I easily fall into the conservative political spectrum though I tend to lean into libertarian philosophy. My personal politics are only relevant in that I share ideology with the author.

This book was published in 2009 and reading it 11 years post publication provides an interesting perspective on then current events as the relating to the unfolding world we live in the last six months. The book has held up reasonably well given the passage of time and the level of divisiveness in America.

The book is an exploration of American history and culture viewed through the contrasting lens of conservative and statist (aka socialist/progressive) values. It does a masterful job of explaining how the socialist creep has been occurring since before the Great Depression and its rapid acceleration in the last fifty years. That creep and acceleration has always been, and continues to be masked in the language of guilt and deprivation utilized by the socialists.

Parts of the book have not aged well, namely the defense of the Patriot Act. It was inexcusable when it was passed after 9/11 and it remains an inexcusable infringement on unalienable rights to this day. Clinton, Biden, Obama,, Comey, Brennan and their cabal of seditionists exposed the very real dangers of the Patriot Act. No government should that governs with the consent of the governed, like America, should ever be allowed to do things in the dark behind closed doors. The very act that any government seeks to do things out of sight that immediately affect the population at large is a warning bell to the governed.

Overall, the book is very well written and annotated. A socialist Could read the book and easily recognize himself. I would highly recommend the book as required readingfor all political science students and political junkies. A decent book on politics and it’s impact on culture at large transcends political philosophies and partisanship. This book certainly meets that criteria.

Five stars out of five stars for being a decent read about recent political history and serving as timely prognosticator of America on the verge of a potential socialist nightmare.

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