Marrying Mozart by Stephanie Cowell


Marrying Mozart by Stephanie Cowell was a physical book read.  It belongs in historical fiction genre.

I am something of a closet lover of classical music.  I go through spells where I love classical music and lose myself in it while reading or stitching.  This book was everything I hoped it would be all those years it sat on my bookshelf and I debated on reading it and risking disappointment.

The book did not disappointment.  Instead, it is a delightful read that immerses the reader in the world of music in Eighteenth Century Europe.  The book does not focus on Mozart, he makes appearances but he isn’t the primary protagonist.  Instead, the protagonist of the book is the Weber family, specifically the four Weber daughters. 

It is a delightful glimpse of life in Europe in the Eighteenth Century, the struggles, the expectations, and challenges of society.  The four Weber sisters inspired, exasperated, and loved Mozart in their own ways.  We all know that Constanze married Mozart and bore his children thanks to the beautiful movie Amadeus

I loved every word written in this novel.  I will be picking up others by the author, that’s how good the book was.  There were not too many words (my homage to the movie).  It was stark and detailed.  The love, hate, and challenges were present without being so overly written or dramatic as to be unbelievable or unrealistic.

Five out of five stars for a beautifully written love story.


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