The War of the Dwarves by Markus Heitz


The War of the Dwarves by Markus Heitz was a physical book read.  It is firmly in the fantasy genre.  This is the second in the series of The Dwarves and continues the story of Tungdil and friends.

The Orcs are fleeing the armies that were victorious at The Blacksaddle and discover the mysteries of the Dark Water.  Tungdil just wants to live a simple Dwarven life with the woman he has fallen in love with.  Ondori is an Alf bent on avenging the death of her parents at the hands of Tungdil and friends.  What happens when all these things are thrown in the mix with the murderous intent of the Thirdlings?

This book is another fabulously written and crafted installment in the series.  It delves deep into the complexities of Dwarven society.  The book is filled with drama and intrigue, love found and lost, birth and death, and a new threat.  What happens to draw Alf and Dwarf to fight on the same side?  What evil could be so great that ancient enemies lay down arms against one another to combat an even great threat?

As always, every character in this book would be a fascinating drinking companion for an evening.  The complexities of their relationships, the intricacies of their politics, and their willingness to set it all aside for  a time make for deep and enduring characters.

Five out of five stars for a fabulous read that keeps the reader full engaged in the story.


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