First Lord’s Fury by Jim Butcher


First Lord’s Fury by Jim Butcher was a physical book read.  It is Book Six of the Codex Alera series and unfortunately, the last book in the series.  This can be categorized as Fantasy but it is a weird unique sub-genre of Roman military inspired fantasy.

Tavi is now the uncrowned but rightful heir to the crown of Alera.  But first our uncrowned First Lord must fight the horde of Vord standing and slaughter those in the path.  His ragtag band of soldiers not includes the remaining population of Canim among their ranks.  Tavi must find and kill the Vord Queen to have any chance of their society surviving.

Meanwhile back home, politics as usual is happening even as the Citizens of the Realm realize that Bernard and Amara have been right all long.  In the end, it is the foresight of Bernard and Amara that makes any hope of victory possible.  Can they hold out?  Can Tavi and his army reach them?  Will the Vord Queen’s death truly destroy her massive army?  And most importantly, what or who will pay the ultimate cost for victory?

The book is brilliant from beginning to end.   I bawled at one point in the story because it perfectly described how I imagine I will feel should my DH predecease me (something I truly pray does not occur).  Every word was beautiful, necessary, and descriptive.  The redemption of old enemies, life, death, politics, revolution, new alliances, and hope are all perfectly interwoven.

Five stars out of five stars for pure perfection of the written word.


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