The Lost Order by Steve Berry


The Lost Order by Steve Berry was an Audible read.  It is the twelfth installment in the Cotton Malone series.  It is a thriller in the mystery genre.

Steve Berry’s Cotton Malone books are an instant buy use of my credits on Audible.  The books are a reliable thriller mystery that is sure to keep me engaged while walking the dogs.  So, imagine my immense disappointment with this novel.  It is predictable and worse still, boring.  I finished the book only because the sun was too bright while walking dogs to easily switch books.

We have a new puppy, so I’m spending a lot of time outside walking dogs and thus have plenty of time to listen to books.  This time Cotton and friends are chasing the remnants of a Civil War era Order called Knights of the Golden Circle.  The whole premise just failed to engage me on any level or failed to even be remotely believable.  Gone is any pretense of Cotton running a bookshop in Denmark and instead he’s just an off the books, quasi-legal agent of the US government.

I highly suspect that Steve Berry didn’t write this book alone.  The writing was just lousy and forced.  Characters were shallow and one dimensional without any believability whatsoever.  This novel has effectively killed the series as a must buy for future releases in the series. 

Three stars out of five only because I finished the novel and the past ones were so incredibly well written and thought out. 


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