Hounded by Kevin Hearne


Hounded by Kevin Hearne was an Audible listen.  This is best categorized as an urban fantasy novel.  It is the first installment in the Iron Druid Chronicles.

I flat out LOVED everything about this book which was a complete shock.  I generally steer clear of fantasy novels with contemporary setting because invariably the characters turn out to be shallow and insipid.  This was most certainly NOT the case in this book.  Set in modern day Phoenix, Atticus is a druid running a “new age” bookstore catering the the college crowd.  What the patrons do not know is how old Atticus truly is, that he has true magical abilities, or that he has an eclectic circle of friends and associates.

I laughed out loud so many times listening to this book, my husband actually stopped asking what was so funny.  My favorite character, other than Atticus, is his Irish Wolfhound Oberon.   There is zero millennial angst in this book, no shallow characters, no dangling plot lines, and nothing that makes a seasoned reader want to hurl the book across the room.  The story is extremely well plotted, the characters are flushed out and likeable, the action is entertaining and relevant, and most importantly, the reader is eager to pick up the next installment in the series.

Five out of five stars for a truly amazing novel that kept me interested and laughing the whole time.


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