Dragons of Winter Night by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman



Dragons of Winter Night by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman is the second book in the Dragonlance Chronicles.  It is firmly in the Epic Fantasy genre.

War has come to Kyrnn and our intrepid heroes are faced with not just dragon fear but their own fears in this book.  The heroes are forced to split up in this book to deal with the threat to Kyrnn.  What happens while split up changes their fates and the course of their lives forever.  One thing binds the separated companions together, no matter how great the distance between them, the knowledge that the true gods of Kyrnn did not abandon their world.

Now faced with the very real threat of evil, can Sturm repair the political discord in the ranks of the Knights he so desperately believes in?  Can one love sick young elf woman grow up in time to save herself and her people?  These are but two of the challenges that face our companions on their journey as winter descends on Kyrnn. 

As usual, there is plenty of action as the war progresses.  There is also the continuation of story lines begun in the first book.  The growing power of the mage, the repercussions of love that were unforeseen and unwanted,  and the continued battle to find a place in the world when no place feels like home.  What happens when two people fall in love and how will that simple, unexpected, complicated involuntary act change the fate of the world?

While I’d gladly sit down and share a beer or two with all the companions, individually and as a group, there is one I think in particular would just be a fascinating drinking companion, Tas the Kender.  The smallest companion, the one so easily overlooked.  He gets into more mischief unintentionally than the rest of them combined. 

Five out of five stars for another well crafted, beautifully written, immersive novel that immediately had me starting the third book.


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