Star Wars Legends: Empire and Rebellion: Razor’s Edge by Martha Wells


Razor’s Edge by Martha Wells was an Audible read.  It is of course, Science Fiction genre.  It is the first book in a series of two of the Empire and Rebellion series.  It is also a Star Wars Legend novel and is not canon.  Like all Audible Star Wars books, the sound effects and music truly immerse the reader in the novel in a very short time span.

The book takes place immediately follow the events Star Wars Episode VI: A New Hope.  The Death Star has been destroyed and our heroes are running from the empire.  The clear protagonist in this novel is Leia Organa, she’s the driving force behind all the events.  Han Solo and Luke Skywalker are here as well but as supporting cast members.

This read was particularly poignant with Carrie Fishers  death in December 2016.  Leia Organa is the first movie portrayal of a princess that shows more than just a damsel in distress.  This novel did not let down the mythos of Leia Organa in any respect.  She’s the princess to survivors of Alderaan, the unrequited love of Han Solo, the negotiator, and still can shot a blaster with the best of them.

Leia and Han are on the run from the Empire when they are taken hostage by Alderaani survivors who have turned pirate, much to the disgust of Leia.  As the story progresses, there is plenty of action and the reader is treated to a wonderful story that shows Leia in all her strength or glory.

This book may not be canon but it is still an incredibly wonderful read.  It made me smile from the opening chapter to the end.  This portrayal of Leia is perfection on paper and in the spoken word.  Leia Organa is a woman I would have a long and very interesting conversation with at a bar in a galaxy far, far away.

Five stars out of five stars for being a perfect depiction of Leia Organa.  The second book in the series is awaiting me and the dogs to log miles of walking as soon as the weather permits.


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