Turquoise Girl by Aimee & David Thurlo



Turquoise Girl by Aimee and David Thurlo was another great find in the used bookstore in Cortez, CO.  This is another mystery that straddles the line between cozy and police procedural.  The book is number twelve in the series but new to me.

Ellah Clah is a tribal officer on the Navajo Reservation.  Due to events in previous books, this novel has Ellah living with friends while repairs are being made to her home.  The novel begins with protesters at a nuclear power plant site and quickly escalates to murder.  The central question running throughout the novel is whether or not Ellah can protect her family,

Like all novels written by the husband and wife team, this one was pure joy to read.  It isn’t hard to lose yourself in their writing style or feel empathy for their characters.  The characters are well written and flushed out.   The writing isn’t going to challenge your brain cells but it isn’t vapid and shallow either.

Aimee Thurlo recently passed away and I was saddened by this news because I don’t know if David will continue the amazing series they created together.  It would be perfectly understandable if he couldn’t continue to write without his wife but I say a little prayer each night that he finds an outlet for grief in continuing to write.

Five stars out of five stars for a beautifully written novel that transports the reader to the Navajo Reservation.


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