Echoes of Mercy by Lynette Hall Hampton


Echoes of Mercy by Lynette Hall Hampton was a find in a wonderful used bookstore in Cortez, CO.  I picked it up on a whim, knowing nothing about the author or the series. This is firmly in the cozy mystery genre.

Willa Hinshaw is a Methodist minister in a small town in North Carolina and right off her profession makes her unique and rare among protagonists.  The book opens with a widow leaving flowers on her husband’s grave and moments after she drives off the grave explodes.  Thus begins a unique, quirky, and thoroughly refreshing mystery.  Her profession provides Willa with a unique perspective and access to the community in her small town.  To make her even more unique, she’s dating a Baptist minister in the same town (oh the scandal!).

This is the second installment in the series and I would gladly read more of the series.  The characters were fleshed out and a tight plot line.  The ending left the reader looking forward to the next installment which is always a plus.  I would sit down and have a cold sweet tea with WIlla and enjoy myself immensely, especially if there was apple pie involved.

Five stars out of five stars for being an enjoyable, easy read that left me wanting more.


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