Silence … Not Always Golden

Silence is not always golden when it means you are prevented from doing the activities that make you who you ARE at the core  of your being.  We got new glasses and my eyes have adjusted to the lesser prescription.  Which means that I can read again without giving myself a headache or throbbing eyes at the end of the day.  We have also relocated to the Oregon coast for a while and the weather and environment is once again well suited to Audible and dog walking.  Looking forward to slipping into my Muck Boots and walking the dogs by the ocean for a while.

There is a stack of books waiting for me and I can’t wait to dive in and share the goodness with all of you.  There’s a great spy thriller at the top of the pile, a wonderful Robin Hobb, and the opening books in the Dragonlance series.  There are also several Forgotten Realms books sitting here but they are on hold while I track down earlier books in the universe that I’ve missed.  I read the first few pages of one of the Forgotten Realms books and there were so many spoilers my head almost exploded.

First up though will be a couple of review for books I did manage to finish reading with my old glasses.  Then the reviews will be back up on a regular basis as I complete books, and as always as the weather warms up there will be more books read as I curl up on the patio and enjoy the warmth and beauty outside. 

Thanks for being patient and I promise book reviews will start flowing like waves lapping the shoreline shortly.


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