Death Along the Spirit Road by C.M. Wendelboe


Death Along the Spirit Road by C.M. Wendelboe is another book discovered due to traveling.  This time we were at the Crazy Horse Memorial and the gift shop, which by the way is incredibly tasteful and interesting, had book two and three of the series.  Being me, of course, I couldn’t start an unknown author and series reading the books out of order.  So, I tracked down this book, first in the series, and ordered it.  It is a true mystery novel, no true sub-genre is appropriate to pigeon hole it into.

Like all mystery novels that take place on an Indian reservation this one involves the ever present FBI Special Agent, only this time the Special Agent, Manny Tanno, is a member of the tribe, former, tribal police officer, and coming home for the first time in decades.  Not only must the murder be solved, it must be solved before the next class of recruits begins classes back at Quantico or our protagonist will find himself out of a comfortable job teaching.  So, one murder to solve, job in jeopardy, an ex-flame looking to rekindle a long dead flame, a convicted murdered for a brother, and millions of potential profit for the tribe at risk all mean no pressure for the protagonist.

Can Manny successful navigate the political waters his he unwillingly and unwittingly landed in?  Can the murder be solved and peace returned to Pine Bluff Reservation? 

Manny Tanno is a complex character with flaws and regrets.  He is someone you might find unapproachable at first but I think once you managed to break through his outer shell, he’d be an incredibly interesting person to talk to over a beer.

Five stars out of five and I will be reading the rest of the series.


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