The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer by Krista Davis


The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer by Krista Davis was a Nook read.  It is the second installment in the Paws and Claws series but the first of the series that I read.  This is firmly a cozy mystery book.

Our heroine, Holly Miller, has moved to Wagtail to assist her grandmother in the running of her inn.  Here begins the “problem” with the novel.  Wagtail is the fictional town the story is set in and all of the businesses and events center around pets.  This book takes place during Halloween, inconsistently called Howloween throughout the book.  While it’s a cute premise, it becomes incredibly annoying as the editing lets reader slip in and out of the imaginary world of Wagtail.  It’s also asking a lot of a reader to believe that every resident and business in town is dedicated to pets, even to the extent that businesses not related to animals in any way are named something pet cute. 

As to the mystery itself, it was predictable and no shocker.  Just because you write a cozy does not necessitate an obvious and poorly plotted novel.  The conclusion was obvious from almost the very beginning and didn’t require the reader to put any effort into the book. 

Despite all the problems I had with the book, it was enjoyable.  It was a mindless read in late October, which if I’m honest is probably the only reason I finished the book.  Had I picked up the book in April or May, I wouldn’t have stuck with the story.

Three stars out of five for being annoying and nothing special but I did finish the book and the atmosphere was appropriate for the seasonal setting.


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