Wolf’s Head by Steven A. McKay

Wolf's Head Audiobook


Wolf’s Head by Steven A. McKay was an Audible read.  This book falls in the historical fantasy genre.  This is the first installment in The Forest Lord series.

I hereby confess the book bored me to tears.  I didn’t make it through the first ten chapters.  It reimagines the life of Robin Hood and begins when Robin Hood is a teenager and not yet an outlaw.  All sounds good doesn’t it?  Too bad the writing and narration failed to live up to the premise promised in the description.

The book tries to do to many things to make it a worthwhile time investment.  If you want to reimagine the story of Robin Hood then tell a great adventure story and leave out the teenage angst and historical intrigue.

One star out of five possible and I won’t be picking up any further installments in the series.


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