Six Years by Harlan Coben


Six Years by Harlan Coben was an Audible read and was narrated by Scott Brick.  It was the second Harlan Coben novel in less than two months.  This falls somewhere in the suspense/thriller genre.

I admit that I’m not going to be purchasing another Harlan Coben novel in time soon.  This book was better than the last but still it was just off somehow.  The only reason I finished the book was the narration which made the book interesting.

There were holes in the story that just made no logical sense.  A political science professor, dean of the department no less under the age of forty, from a small college that takes on the mob for the woman he loves.  It’s the stuff of Hollywood movies not the plot of a thrilling novel.  There were just so many gaps and stuff that made no sense.

I’m awarding four stars out of five for the narration far more than the contents of the novel.  Scott Brick quite literally saved this book for me.


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