The English Girl by Daniel Silva


The English Girl by Daniel Silva was an Audible read.  It is the thirteenth installment in the Gabriel Allon thriller series.  This book was read by George Guidall and was an enjoyable performance.

Gabriel Allon is this incredibly curious mix of art restorer and spy for Israeli intelligence, think James Bond without all the women and booze.  This time the story opens up with Gabriel at home in Israel and being asked by a friend in MI5 for a favor on behalf of the Prime Minister.  What ensues is a tale of international intrigue and deception that could have been ripped from the headlines.  The reader will not be disappointed as Gabriel’s past and future meet head-on in Corsica. 

Would I sit down and have a beer with Gabriel Allon?  I think it would be a fascinating conversation but I also know that it wouldn’t be much of a conversation.  After all, just how much talking could a master spy for Israeli intelligence really do?  The art restoration conversation would be equally fascinating however. 

Five stars out of five for being an enjoyable installment in the long running series.


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