Spartan Gold by Clive Cussler with Grant Blackwood

Spartan Gold Audiobook

Spartan Gold by Clive Cussler with Grant Blackwood was an Audible read.  As always, it was brilliantly narrated by Scott Brick.  This is the first installment in the Fargo Adventure series and falls within the adventure subgenre of the mystery genre.

Sam and Remy Fargo are married, wealthy treasure hunters who have an unique blend of humor, daring, thrill of the hunt, love, and mysteries.  This first book begins with the Fargo’s discovering a Nazi submarine in the swamps of the US and leads them around the global in the search of Napoleon’s lost gold. 

The book is fast paced, well written, no gapping plot holes, and entertaining.  The action and adventure are well paced against the backdrop of history that provides the basis for the adventure.  The book’s pacing never felt rushed or left me wanting.

Sam and Remy are definitely characters you’d want to buy a drink in the pub.  They’d not only have excellent stories to share but their easy banter would make you smile.  Even if there weren’t bad guys chasing them trying to kill them, their exotic locales and treasure hunts would be entertaining enough for a long evening well spent over drinks.

Five stars out of five stars for pure brilliance in writing and narration.


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