King of Chaos by Dave Gross


King of Chaos by David Gross was an Audible read.  It is a fantasy novel set in the Pathfinder universe.

Our intrepid heroes, Count Varian Jeggare and Radovan return on the hunt for a magical book with missing pages.  Our heroes are up to their old tricks, Radovan is skirt chasing while in the midst of demons and the reappearance of his own internal infernal companions.  Varian goes on a journey of self-discovery which is completely unintentional as the story opens up.  Our heroes meet up with an old companion, Oparal the Paladin.  Oparal and Varian are pursuing the same book for different monarchs.  Will their pursuit put the former allies at odds?  Will the internal demons of Radovan cause irreparable harm to himself or those around him?

I generally love Dave Gross novels set in the Pathfinder universe.  I truly adore Oparal as the best written paladin character in modern fantasy literature.  But this time, the book was just ok.  I don’t know if it’s my mood (I’m covered in incredibly itchy bug bites) or what but somehow this book just felt flat and forced.  It wasn’t a normal consume in one day or two listen.  Instead it took me many days to finish the book and even then my attention was easily diverted.

Three stars out of five for failure to keep my attention and for being less than the previous novels set in the Pathfinder universe.


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