Stay Close by Harlan Coben



Stay Close by Harlan Coben was an Audible read.  This book falls into the mystery genre and was read by Scott Brick.

I’m listening to the last half hour as I type this review.  Honest truth, the book and it’s characters are entirely forgettable.  If I had stopped listening mid-way through the book and never finished listening, I wouldn’t have spent any time worrying about what happened to the characters.  So that being true, I sit here and wonder why I decided to listen to the whole novel.  Answer is most likely the narration of Scott Brick and not the writing of Harlan Coben.

A grudging three stars out of five stars it wasn’t poorly written but it wasn’t memorable or worth recommending.


2 thoughts on “Stay Close by Harlan Coben

  1. I read No Second Chance by Coben and was hooked on every single word. I keep meaning to pick up more by him but haven’t gotten around to it. Shame the narrator wasn’t the right pick in the one you read.


  2. No worries, there is another post coming with another Coben book and the narrator is brilliant. Still not a Coben fan but the narration made the difference.


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