The 14th Colony by Steve Berry




The 14th Colony by Steve Berry was an Audible read.  This is a mystery novel and the eleventh installment in the long running series featuring Cotton Malone.

While on assignment as a free-lancer for the Magellan Billet, Cotton Malone is shot down over Siberia.  Now while his life hangs in the balance, Cotton learns that the long rumored suitcase nukes of the former Soviet Union were real and not mythical.  Cotton now must not only save his own life but the lives of millions of people back home before the new president is sworn into office.

In typical Steve Berry fashion, this is a well written and intriguing novel of what-ifs.  What if questions that make you wonder how much of the premise is fiction and how much is inconvenient fact that isn’t taught in schools.  The novel is well paced, brilliantly read by Scott Brick, and makes the reader think.

Five stars out of five for keeping the reader engaged in a plausible thriller set in familiar surroundings.


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