Monster Hunter Alpha by Larry Correia



Monster Hunter Alpha by Larry Correia was an Audible read.  It is a fantasy novel set in modern day upstate Michigan.

My favorite MHI character is missing from this book, Z.  However, this book is amazing in it’s own right even though the entire cast of MHI is missing with the exception of Harbinger.  Harbinger is on the hunt for Nicoli, his number one werewolf enemy to end their centuries old feud once and for all.  Instead, Harbinger finds himself in the middle of a supernatural outbreak that smells of old ones and results in his lycanthropy curse being cured.  How, or will, Harbinger survive without the benefits of being a werewolf?

This book was very different than the previous ones but still the same if that makes sense.  The writing and characters are all equally stunning and engaging.  The missing cast of MHI characters from the previous novels was disconcerting however.  The book was still wonderful but I found myself constantly waiting for Z to arrive on the scene with his team and help Harbinger.

Four stars out of five only because I missed the MHI cast of characters so intensely.  The writing is stellar and keeps the action flowing.  There is humor and horror.  There is a love story buried in this story as well. 


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