Reining in Murder by Leigh Hearon



Reining in Murder by Leigh Hearon is a mystery set in the Pacific Northwest.

If you fell in love with horses as a child this book will appeal to you immensely.  The protagonist, Annie Carson, owns  farm full of horses, participates in the local search and rescue for horses, and is a definite loner.  It was a formula that appealed to me instantly.  She unwittingly finds herself wrapped up in a murder investigation after rescuing a stallion involved in a fatal car crash.

Annie Carson is an appealing character for the loner that lurks in all bookworms.  She’s happiest alone with her horses and dog.  But the fact that she’s relatable to the loner in me, does that mean she’s a character I want to sit down and enjoy a Scotch with?  Honestly, no I don’t.  She is too self-absorbed and doesn’t like other people.  I can relate to that if I’m honest but that doesn’t mean I’m the most scintillating conversationalist on the block.

The overall story was well crafted and plotted.  A three stars out of five for the first book from a new author in a new series.


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