Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher



Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher was a book I started yeas ago but constantly had trouble getting into or was distracted by real life.  The book is the first in a series of six.  The book is firmly in the fantasy genre, although it should be sub-categorized as a military fantasy genre.  Once I picked up the book and had a chance to sit down and actually read, I couldn’t stop reading.

Tavi is the protagonist of the book.  Tavi is unique among the population of Alera.  He doesn’t have have raw elemental magic that comes naturally to everyone else.  He can’t heal others, increase his strength, or fly through the air.  Instead, Tavi must navigate the perilous world of Alera with just his wits and intelligence as his only weapons.

There is an amazing cast of characters, most of whom could be the star of their own series of novels.  Tavi’s home is threatened by the invading Marat, the barbarians of Alera.  Can Tavi save his home and family from the Marat?   Is there a way to broker peace among their two races before hundreds or thousands die?

Five stars out of five stars for a completely and utterly brilliant book.  Literally, why did it take me so long to read this opening novel of the series?  Run, don’t walk to get your hands on the series of books.  You won’t be sorry I promise.


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