Lord of Runes by Dave Gross

Pathfinder Tales: Lord of Runes Audiobook


Lord of Runes by Dave Gross was an Audible read.  Set in the Pathfinder universe, the novel is firmly in the fantasy genre. 

Count Varian Jeggare and Radovan, his hellspawn bodyguard are off on another adventure.  This adventure begins with the death of an old friend from school and the inheritance left to Varian.  Why does the inheritance have such a profound effect on Varian and will Radovan be forced to perform the unthinkable in order to save his friend?

Even if you know nothing about the Pathfinder universe this is just a flat out enjoyable story.  Varian and Radovan are amusing and complex as always and with a new set of supporting characters the reader will have no trouble enjoying the characters and rhythm of the story.  Necromancers, a dragon, a druid, and more make this an interesting place to lose yourself for hours on end.

There is no shortage of action for those that love action in their fantasy novels.  Between the shape-shifting druid, a dragon, Orcs, and the undead our pals Varian and Radovan have their hands full.  Can they solve the mystery before it is too late and at the end, will Radovan still have a job?

A shining five stars out of five stars for characters and places that are memorable and engaging.  I’d be more than willing to sit down and toss back a few beers with Varian and Radovan just to listen to the stories they could tell.


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