The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews


The Weekenders by Mary Kay Andrews was a Net Galley read.  The book will be published on May 17, 2016 by St. Martin’s Press.  It falls firmly in the fiction and/or woman’s fiction genre.

Riley Nolan just wants the peace and tranquiity of escaping to her childhood vacation island with her family.  Instead, she has a husband who fails to show up at the dock, a petulant pre-teen daughter, and a failing marriage.  Is peace for a couple of months too much to ask for from the universe? 

Riley Nolan is that harried, mid-forties woman we all know.  Too many little dramas, too much big drama, and not enough hours in the day to process any of it successfully.  Riley is quickly forced to adapt and change when life throws more than a simple fastball her way.  As a character, Riley made me laugh and cry.  She was more than believable as written, she jumped off the page with familiarity.  Riley is most definitely a character you’d want to sink your toes in the sand with while enjoying a couple of margaritas on the beach.

As always the writing is outstanding and the story is consistent and believable.  I find her books to be the perfect read when I need a little humor and sass from my characters.  Mary Kay Andrews never fails to disappoint as an author with authentic and realistic characters.

Five out of five stars for being much more than a simple, throwaway beach read.


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