The Big Brush Off by Michael Murphy



The Big Brush Off by Michael Murphy was a Net Galley read.  The book was published by Alibi on February 9, 2016.  It is a cozy mystery, don’t let the gun on the cover fool you into thinking otherwise.  This is the fourth installment in the series but the first book I’ve read.  The author is also new to me.

I have a confession, I love Old Time Radio shows.  I grew up listening to them every night on KNX in Southern California.  I particular, no surprise here, loved detective shows.  My absolutely favorite to this day is Philip Marlow.  When it comes to detective fiction, nothing beats a good Raymond Chandler classic.  Ok, I’ll admit it I still fall asleep to Old Time Radio even today only now it’s played through my app on my smartphone.

Now, enter the fabulous world of Jake and Laura mysteries.  The book reads like a radio drama.  I could literally hear the actors playing the parts as I read the words on the page.  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed that.  Jake and Laura are the married protagonists and just have this amazing chemistry that so harkens back to the era the book is set in, 1935 for this installment.  There is the juxtaposition of the depression compared to their wealth.  It reminds me a lot of the Tommy and Tuppence novels by Agatha Christie that were my favorites by her. 

I am now on a mission to locate the first three installments and enjoy every word of the stories as quickly as possible.  A very delightful five out of five stars.


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