Skeleton Garden by Marty Wingate


Skeleton Garden by Marty Wingate has an absolutely brilliant read.  This was a Net Galley read.  It is the fourth installment in the series but the first of the series that I’ve read.  A Potting Shed Mystery series falls firmly within the cozy sub-genre.

Pru Parkes is a transplanted Texan married to an English cop who now lives in England and through her work as a gardener has landed the perfect job.  The chance to live in an old an true English manor and restore it’s garden to it’s 1940’s splendor with her long lost, newly discovered brother.  So what happens when you mix all these disparate elements together?  A fantastic cozy mystery in a quaint English village with World War II drama as the backstory.

I’ve become a true fan of Marty Wingate this year.  Her novels are well plotted, her characters believable, her stories are engaging, and the atmosphere is stupendous.  It is easy to lose yourself for a couple of enjoyable hours as Pru solves the case that she stumbles across.

This book was a pure delight for me.  Easy to read, fascinating tidbits of World War II sprinkled throughout, enjoyable characters, and a well plotted mystery.  Truly no better way to spend time reading then with a good book written by an excellent writer.

Five out of five stars for a well plotted, enjoyable read.  I will be going back and reading others in the series as I stumble across them in our travels.


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