The Body in the Gallery by Katherine Hall Page


The Body in the Gallery by Katherine Hall Page was a delightful surprise win from a Goodreads giveaway.  The author was new to me and a good discovery.  The book is a cozy mystery and the seventeenth installment in the series.  I will be reading more as I come across them.

Faith Fairchild is a wife of a preacher, a mother, a wife, a business owner, and a sometimes sleuth.  In a complex web of everyday life, Faith discovers a body artfully displayed in an aquarium of a museum exhibit.  So, on top of a son going through the complicated growing pains of a twelve year old boy, Faith must ferret out a killer before she ends up as the next immortalized piece of art.

Faith Fairchild is a complex character, one you could sit down over a pot of tea and have a real conversation; her son ends up of learning about cyberbullying the hard way, one of her closest friends is struggling with infertility, a guilty conscious struggling with her kids needing her and her own love of working.  She is masterfully written, the issues she faces are relatable and relevant, and yet somehow she manages to solve a very well plotted mystery.    Faith is a character that has the spark of realism throughout her thoughts and actions, it isn’t hard to believe that Faith is based on people the author knows and loves deeply.

A solid five stars out of five for keeping me entertained from cover to cover.  I will be reading more as I run across them in our travels.


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