Melody of Murder by Stella Cameron

Melody of Murder by Stella Cameron will be published by Severn House on June 15,2016.  This was a Net Galley read for me and falls somewhere between a cozy mystery and a thriller.

This is the third installment in the Alex Duggins mystery series set in the charmingly quaint Folly-On-Weir.  Alex and Tony are back and once again tangled up in a murder mystery.  The mystery was predictable unfortunately.  It was apparent from very early on who the guilty party was and why, although there was a slight twist I wasn’t expecting.

Most of this book felt like a pre-amble for the events set to take place in the fourth installment in the series.  Everything felt off emotionally for me and there were more questions left unanswered than answered at the conclusion of the novel.  Alex as a character felt forced and emotionally drained throughout the book.  Gone was her sense of humor, her independent spirit, and in it’s place was a indecisive, emotionally taxed caricature of herself.

The book was alright, nothing I’d recommend rushing out to read, a solid two stars bordering on three.  I will read the next installment in the hopes that this book was a series anomaly.


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