Mishaps in Millrise by Tilly Tennant

Mishaps in Millrise by Tilly Tennant was a thoroughly delightful read from Net Galley.  It was published by Lawsome Books on October 29,2015.  It was classified as a romance but I think it better fits the Women’s Fiction genre than  the typical bodice ripper that constitutes romance fiction these days.

The book is broken into four delightful parts which allows the reader to finish a part and walk away and do real life chores before reading the next part.  Sure you can do that with regular chapters but we all know, we all say “just one more chapter” to ourselves. 

Phoebe is our protagonist and to say she’s a work in progress is an understatement.  She’s in a new relationship, a new job, low self-esteem, and an interesting cast of friends and family.  Phoebe isn’t the typical twenty-something protagonist that drives me nuts.  She is far from shallow and materialistic, in fact she’s the exact opposite.  Phoebe show remarkable self-insight and growth throughout the novel.  She matures into a women you’d love to sit down and grab a drink with after work.  Phoebe blossoms in her new job, grows a backbone and stands up for herself with the boyfriend and his mother, learns the art of diplomacy with friends, and watches her friends and family lives alongside her.

Tilly Tennant was a new author for me and I’m please to say that I would gladly read another of her books.  Four stars out of five stars for a delightful read on a hot March day.


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