Switcheroo by Aaron Elkins


Switcheroo by Aaron Elkins was a Net Galley read.  It was published by Thomas and Mercer on February 16, 2016.  It falls somewhere between cozy mystery and just a mystery.

Gideon Oliver is a forensic anthropologist known as the “Skeleton Detective” and this time our friendly, professorial Gideon is attending a seminar in sunny Spain when he is coaxed to travel to the Channel Islands in England to investigate a fifty year old mystery for a casual acquaintance.  Thus the scene is set for intrigue and mystery for one of the genre’s great characters.

Gideon is one of those characters you could have endless fascinating and irritating conversations with for days on end.  Much like my husband, he knows the most obscure facts that continually astound and frustrate his wife and best friend.  Those endless facts are always pertinent and the reader always comes away known a little more than they did before opening the book.  Gideon is a well established character at this point and there isn’t a lot of character growth but neither is he a static and boring character.

As always, the story is well written, well plotted and left no clues dangling in the wind.  The new characters in the story are well done and believable.  I loved the intrigue and side stories that played out in this book.  Old loves lost and found, families twisted by war, and repercussions felt throughout the ages.  It is refreshing to read stories that contain actual history woven amongst fiction that leaves the reader want more (in this case, Nazi occupation of the Channel Islands without British objection).

Four stars out of five for being a well plotted and entertaining read.


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