Wedding Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke


Wedding Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke will be published by Kensington Books on February 23, 2016.  This was a Net Galley read.  The 19th installment in the series, the book is firmly in the cozy mystery genre.

Hannah Swenson is getting married!  I won’t spoil it for fans of the series, it was a surprise for me since I’m a couple of books behind.  Hannah, her family, coworkers, and friends are down-to-earth people you’d love to have a share a bottle or two of wine with.  Hannah has grown as a character since the series started in subtle and small ways.  She’s quite simply good people.

Now for the actual book it is a well constructed story, even if a bit formulatic.  The murder doesn’t take place until almost halfway through.  The editing on my digital copy was awful however.  I will assume the majority of the editing mistakes do not make it to publication.  The recipe placement interrupted the flow of the story for me, I prefer recipes to be collected at the end rather than scattered throughout the book.

Three stars out of five for being a comfortable, familiar read but one where the editing choices disrupted my reading pleasure.


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