Death of the Alchemist by Mary Lawrence


Death of the Alchemist by Mary Lawrence was a Net Galley read.  It is a cozy historical mystery.  The book was published by Kensington Books on 26 January 2016.  It is the second book in the series.

To be blunt, this is one of those books I’m unsure of how I feel about its story or characters.  The story was ok, the characters were ok, the time period details were right but somehow none of it seemed to mesh well.  There isn’t any one detail or thing I can point to and say that is the culprit.  Instead,  it was more the accumulation of numerous little things.

Bianca, the protagonist, wasn’t a particularly likable or hateful character.  She neither stood out as a great heroine fighting for equality ahead of her time or a loving wife willing to sit vigil when she believes her husband is dying.  Rather, she is a free spirit that loses herself in her latest obsession, be it potion making or solving crime.  I didn’t hate Bianca as a character but I certainly couldn’t empathize with her either.

Three stars out of five for being a middle of the road book. 


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