Hawaii Five Uh-Oh by Jill Marie Landis


Hawaii Five Uh-Oh by Jill Marie Landis was a Net Galley read for me.  It was published by Belle Books on January 4, 2016.  It is the fifth installment in the cozy mystery series.

Em Johnson and the irrepressible Hula Maidens are equally billing as protagonists in this series.  Em alone is an okay character but she really shines when interacting and wrangling the geriatric Hula Maidens.  The Hula Maidens are a group of transplanted Mainlanders that qualify as geriatric but still hula dance on a regular basis for crowds at Em’s uncle’s bar.  Together these women fight, dance, fall in love, solve crime, and prove life doesn’t end after your twenty-fifth  birthday.

It is a light hearted series that makes you want to watch Blue Hawaii while having one of the fabulous drink recipes at the end of the book.  Admittedly it isn’t “great” literature but it is an enjoyable read with interesting characters which is far more important.

Five stars out of five stars for taking me away to the islands for a couple of relaxing hours.


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