Dearly Departed by HY Conrad


Dearly Departed by HY Conrad  was a Net Galley.  It will be published by Kensington Books on 26 January 2016.  It is a cozy mystery and the second book in the series.

Amy Abel runs a travel agency and she is trying to recover from the publicity surrounding her after a murder on a road rally trip (subject matter of the first book which I have not read).  Amy us unique among cozy mystery protagonist’s, she isn’t a confident women.  She second guesses herself a lot and is easily swayed by those around her.

Amy grows on you with time.  She isn’t a character I immediately fell in love with but as the story progresses you realize that the average person would be gun shy too if they had discovered a body on the job.  By the end of the book there was definite positive character growth.

Four stars out of five for a well crafted mystery with memorable characters.


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