The Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwell


The Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwell was a Scribd read and is the second book of The Last Kingdom trilogy.  It is in the historical fiction genre.

This book finds Uhtred a grown man of twenty with wife, son, land, a mistress, and the usual struggle between the pagan and Christian worlds.  Uhtred faces new enemies and rediscovers old friends.  He also grows up, learns to better navigate the treacherous waters that he swims in. 

He is still a violent man, there is no twenty-first century softness about him.  There are tender moments but they are quick, last a few heartbeats, and then they are gone with the wind.  Uhtred isn’t a likeable man, you wouldn’t necessarily enjoy a beer with him but without men like Uhtred and Alfred were would the modern world be?

Four out of five stars, no sense of deja vu and the book is extremely well written.  Any book that can bring you into the terror of a shield wall without going over the top is well written.


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