Day 31: Most Surprising Reads of the Year

It has been a varied and interesting year of reading for me.  There have been books I’ve fallen in love with, books I’ve absolutely despised, and books I’ve wondered how they were ever published. 

My list of favorite books this year won’t be surprising for regular readers but personally, I’m surprised because I think for the first time the list isn’t filled exclusively with mystery authors.

Rain Wild Chronicles Series

Robin Hobb’s Rain Wild Chronicles made me fall in love with the fantasy genre:  Head over heels in love.  The characters, the environment, the story, the quality of writing all are phenomenal.  The experience was so memorable that I’ve held off reading any more of her series until I can enjoy them in one, uninterrupted sitting.

The Last Kingdom Series

Bernard Cornwell’s The Last Kingdom series I’m finishing reading as the year concludes.  I know I gave the first book, The Last Kingdom, a three star rating but only because of the strong sense of deja vu I had.  Overall, the series has reignited my love of historical novels in that time frame.  I’m not a huge Viking fan but I love the history of the birth of a nation.

Chet and Bernie

Spencer Quinn’s Chet and Bernie series was hands down my favorite mystery series of the year.  Chet cracks me up and who could ask for anything more?  It’s very hard to write from a dog’s point of view without it sounding contrived and ridiculous.  However, Chet never once sounded that way and he is so cleverly written that you sometimes forget he’s a dog and not a human. 

Overall, it was a fantastic year of reading.  Fell short of my 100 book goal but not by much, 75 books in 2015.  I will far surpass that next year I hope, but I know we have a couple of life changes in 2016 which might impact my goal.  But my philosophy is that it’s the quality of the books you read not the number.  It’s far more important to read just one good book a year than to read nothing. 

So, ring in 2016 with a good book and loved ones!


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