Day 30: My Favorite Cookbooks

I love to cook but I rarely use cookbooks.  Even when I do use a cookbook recipe, it’s more of a guideline than anything else.  But there are certain cookbooks I cherish because of the delicious aromas that waft from my kitchen every time I utilize their guidance.


I love homemade bread.  It tastes so much better than store bought cardboard you purchase in the store.     My dinner rolls are famous in my family all thanks to this cookbook.  And no, I don’t own or utilize a bread machine.


I inherited this book from my mum.  I love the recipes and the flavors of the world it delivers.  I’m particularly fond the the scones and baklava recipes.  A great basic scone recipe opens up a world of possibilities and who can resist nut and honey drenched pastry? 

I highly recommend both books, although they are hard to locate.


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