Day 27: Favorite Animals in a Series

I’m a pet person, which is pretty obvious since we have two dogs, a cat, a bird, and a 110 gallon aquarium.  So it’s no surprise that I truly appreciate pets in books.


Spencer Quinn is the author of the Chet and Bernie series.  Chet, Bernie’s dog, isn’t just a side kick in the books.  Rather Chet is an equal protagonist with Bernie in the series.  Chet is humorous and the reader never feels like it’s a human speaking like a dog, rather it feels authentic. 


Eddie in the cat of librarian Minnie Hamilton in the charming series by Laurie Cass.  Eddie is determined not to be left behind and slips into the book mobile on its first trip.  The reader doesn’t fall in love with Eddie because of what he “says” but rather his actions.  He is one determined cat and he slips into your heart as easily as a child falls in love with a cat on a book mobile.

Both Chet and Eddie are charming in their own ways.  They each bring something unique to their stories.   I will always prefer stories with pets, that make everything in life better.


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