Day 26: Great Author Blogs to Follow

I will admit I’m not one that goes out and reads multiple blogs daily.  There are days, today for example, where it’s a struggle to update my own blog let alone visit multiple sites.  That being said, there are a couple I follow and visit fairly often.

Jungle Red Writers

Jungle Red Writers is a blog/website run by seven mystery authors that dish on life, books, and recipes.  I’m often amused by their posts and I love that they routinely share recipes.  No sense reading author posts that are more venting and less of a well rounded human being viewpoint on life.

Cozy Chicks

Cozy Chicks is another blog/website that is a collaboration of authors.  Each author has one day of the week that is “hers”, with regular scheduled guest spots. 

Both sites are so similar I’m sure I’m not the only fan who wishes they would get together and combine their websites. 


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