The GlassWright’s Apprentice by Mindy Klasky


The GlassWright’s  Apprentice by Mindy Klasky was a Scribd read.  It doesn’t fall well into any one genre, so I’m placing it in the catch-all of fiction.

The book was odd.  Not sure how I feel about the book or the characters.  The protagonist is a 13 year old child but in no way is this novel appropriate for young adult readers.  There are so many political threads that it was easy to get lost.

Rani, the child protagonist, is an unwitting pawn in political machinations of competing forces within her kingdom.  She’s clearly the heroine of the novel but not a believable one.  The schemes and plots would be beyond the average thirteen year old to unravel.  Then there’s the whole issue of Rani being a rather two dimensional character.  She’s thrust into schemes but as a character in her own right she’s rather shallow and uninspired.

Two stars out of five stars since I’m unlikely to read anymore of the series.


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