Murder Most Finicky by Liz Mugavero


Murder Most Finicky by Liz Mugavero was a Net Galley read.  Kensington Books will publish the cozy mystery on 29 December 2015.  This is the fourth installment in the series, although the first of the series I’ve read.

Kristan Connor, who goes by Stan, is the pet chef on a celebrity chef get away weekend in Rhode Island.  I freely admit I found Stan to be highly annoying because of her name.  It’s a long standing family name and it was just odd having a female with a male name.  Stan was a reasonable character but read two dimensional,I felt no empathy or connection to her whatsoever until the last 15% of the book.  She managed to solve the crime mostly because of dumb luck and not brains. 

The story wasn’t bad, but it was just so pretentious that it was unbelievable.  I love my pets like everyone else, and trust me they live pampered, spoiled lives, but seriously a business based on pet pastry?  I found that incomprehensible.  I know they exist but it’s one of those things I shake my head at in disbelief.

Three stars out of five for being a decent read.  It wasn’t horrible but it also failed to inspire my to go back and read the first three books.  


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