Day 24: Good Seasonal Reads


Nothing beats a good seasonal read, especially a seasonal mystery for me, it helps set the mood when the weather outside isn’t reflective of the particular holiday.  After all, nothing says Halloween like 100 degree days or Easter like a Nor’easter.  So, when the weather isn’t reflective of the holiday mood I’m after there is nothing like a good book to change that and help me get in the holiday spirit.

9781480462472_p0_v1_s192x300  Jane Haddam has an extremely well written and enjoyable series for holidays.  Her protagonist Gregor Demarkian is a well written character.  He is slow to charm his way into your heart but once he does, he isn’t going anywhere.  Gregor is an analytical character who isn’t going to spring off the page with humor or recipes.  Instead, he solves crimes with intelligence and wit and never just happens to stumble across the solution.


9781250049582_p0_v3_s192x300  Donna Andrews has a delightful series featuring Meg Lanslow as the witty and funny starring of the series.  All of the books have a bird reference in the title.  The series is charming and funny and will also appropriately set the mood.  Meg is a likeable and relatable character that you would easily sit down and enjoy a good hot toddy with over pumpkin pie.


9781617736988_p0_v3_s192x300  Leslie Meier is the author of the Lucy Stone mysteries that usually revolve around holidays.  Lucy Stone books always set the mood for me no matter what time of year.   It probably doesn’t hurt that they are set in Maine and thus the weather is always cooperative, for the most part, for the seasonal mystery. 


So there you have it, three quick mystery series that will entertain you and set the mood for whatever holiday you are celebrating.  I’m off to make coffee and maybe some gingerbread if my cold allows. 


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