Day 23: Old Standbys

We all have those authors and books we return to time and time again because they are familiar and comfortable reads.  You know what to expect and know that when you finish the book, you will be relaxed.  For me, my list of old standbys is fluid depending on my mood and if I’ve fallen in love with a new author that particular year.  So, for 2015 here are a couple of old standbys for me, in no particular order and I may not have yet read the cover of the latest novel pictured below, YET.


9780062089861_p0_v3_s192x300  Judith and Renie get into more troublesome spots than any two middle aged women on the planet but they are delightful, humorous reads.  No, these stories aren’t great literature but they are amusing and a great afternoon escape from the troubles and stresses of the real world. 

9780061348181_p0_v1_s192x300  Goldy Schulz novels are my secret escape from the everyday often, I will even admit to rereading more than one of them because of recipes.  Seriously, the stories are great but the recipes are just as good.  I love novels that combine my love of reading with my other loves in life, like cooking, and so it should be no surprise that these mysteries appeal to me time and time again.

9780345538581_p0_v5_s192x300  Jake Triptree novels are like comfortable slippers and your favorite comforter all rolled into one delightful read.  I love the setting of these novels, it’s an escape to Maine without the cold and traveling to the opposite side of the country.  I fell in love with this series when I lived on the East Coast and while I don’t miss living in New England, I cherish the ability to pop around to Maine whenever I dive into a Jake Triptree story.

9781617738692_p0_v2_s192x300  Hannah Swenson novels are another guilty cooking and reading pleasure all wrapped up into one delectable reading package.  I love the stories and the recipes alike.  The environment of Minnesota often plays a part of the novels and I love that the little things are remembered in these books.  Every time I read one it makes me want to bake, which while not terrific for the waistline results in delicious treats around the house thanks to Hannah and her recipes.


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