Day 20: Series I’m Most Looking Forward to Continuing

This wasn’t an easy choice.  There are so many really good series I’ve started this year or have been reading for years.  I am fighting getting the cold that is randomly tackling people in the family and so I finally decided based on what series I’d curl up with right now if my attention span would hold long enough to read.

And the series winner is?  Chet and Bernie series by Spencer Quinn because nothing is quite so comforting as a well written story that makes you laugh.  Chet the dog always brings a smile to my face and the writing from his perspective is spot on perfect. 


We all, well I’m assuming most of us, have pets that we love and adore.  I know DH and I often put words in the mouths of our mouthy flock (2 big dogs, 1 cat, 110 gallon fish/turtle tank,  and 1 Severe Macaw).  Needless to say, things are rarely quiet around here even though individually they are all relatively quiet, they can set one another off. 

Chet is written beautifully and it’s not a huge leap to think the author and his family “speak” for the critters living with them.  There is no doubt that Chet and Bernie novels are written by an author who deeply loves his characters. 


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