Blood Will Tell by Jeanne M. Dams


Blood Will Tell by Jeanne M. Dams was a Net Galley read.  She is an old, favorite author and her protagonist is an old, comforting figure.  This is an excellent example of a quintessential British cozy mystery.

Dorothy Martin is a transplanted American senior citizen married to a retired English policeman.  She’s off to Cambridge to attend a conference with her husband when she accidentally discovers a fresh pool of blood.  What ensues is a mystery that stretches from town to farm and a baffling mystery.  Will Dorothy’s age be an obstacle?  Will the science experiments prove the key to solving the conundrum and what secret is lurking at the heart of the mystery?

Dorothy Martin is a prime example of a well written character.  She is familiar and friendly even if you’ve never read a single book in the series.  She’s funny, interesting, and doesn’t take herself too seriously.  Dorothy may be a senior citizen but her age in no way limits her abilities.

Five stars out of five stars for a good, solid, thoroughly wonderful mystery. 


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