Day 17: Books I Cannot Live without

My husband and I are in the process of downsizing, by choice, houses.  One of those things I am willing to give up voluntarily are the books that are on display but haven’t been opened or read in years.  I will miss seeing their spines but will be happier knowing those same books have found homes with people that will read them and enjoy the stories they have to tell.  However, there are some books that will be staying in the family and I will always make room to keep them near me.


These are technically the same book but both are coming with us as we downsize.  The big one was the one of my childhood in Catholic grammar school.  It has my name printed by my dad on it’s spine.  It’s a piece of me and a connection to my childhood.  The red one is the Bible of my teenage years in Catholic all-girls high school.  There’s even a sticker of a “hunk” on the front cover.  I remember we were all so “in love” with said anonymous hunk, if we only comprehended what true love actually was!  Hubby and I weren’t blessed with little ones to pass these onto but despite being duplicates both versions are moving with us.


My growing collection of Witcher novels by Andrzej Sapkowski is newly discovered this year but are all novels I wish to reread at some point when all of the novels have been translated into English.  Yes, I could easily convert the books to electronic versions but these are books I want to reread as I hold them and turn the pages.  Truly impactful and masterfully written works of literature that are under appreciated.


Alice was a gift from England when I was still quite young.  I have a watch, still with it’s original band by the way, that matches the artwork on the cover of my copy of the book.  I have loved both my entire life.  Knowing me and my lifelong love affair with flamingos I probably fell instantly in love with the book simply because of the flamingo Alice was holding on the cover.  I remember many nights reading under the covers with my flashlight as Alice took that first fateful sip and fell into Wonderland.  This book always makes me smile when I spy it on the shelf, I can’t imagine life without the book.


My copy of The Wizard of Oz is actually my mother’s copy from when she first learned cursive.  The spine is falling apart and the binding of the pages is starting to fall apart.  It has always been with me and yet when I opened it today, the pages cracked as I flipped through the book.  It needs to be restored.  I just don’t want to loose the little things that make the book a family heirloom (the tape on the spine has been there for as long as I can remember for instance).

20151214_085209  It also has an incredible map of Oz which I had forgotten about until this morning. 



The Littlest Angel by Charles Tazewell and illustrated by Pail Micich has been a favorite my entire life.  In fact, my current copy was a replacement for the original which I wore out reading every year at Christmas.  You don’t have to be Catholic or even religious to appreciate the beauty of this story.  I had dreams of passing it down to our children but God had other plans.  So instead, I’m recommending it to everyone and anyone that has young children.  The lesson of the story will stay with you a lifetime and is a lesson we all, young and old alike, need reminding of throughout the year.


So, there you have it.  A brief glimpse into the books that make me who I am and that I couldn’t not contemplate downsizing out of our lives.


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