Day 16: Outside influences that make me want to read


Life offers up a bounty of riches and lately my reading inspiration has come from a wide variety of influences.  So, without further ado here are my outside reading influences that were most prevalent for 2015.

Video Games

I never thought I’d be a video game player but I am and video games definitely have come to influence what I read.  The above photo is a screenshot from The Witcher: Wild Hunt and it is an incredibly gorgeous panorama.  I love the world of video games because they opened up the universe of fantasy and science fiction novels for me.  Before I became I gamer, I couldn’t lose myself in the worlds of fantasy or science fiction no matter how well written or engrossing.  Now however, I tend to read more than my fair share of fantasy and sci-fi novels.  I’ve developed a deep and life long love of the Slavic fairytale thanks entirely to video games.

One more mention of video games, this time The Secret World.  While I play it very rarely, every time I do play it I find myself stopping to look up something.  That one, single MMO has led me to learn more on a variety of subjects that any other single game.  The quality and complexity of questing in-game cannot be under-stated and any game that broaden horizons and sends players out to learn new things is doing something very right.


That’s right, television has broadened my reading horizons and not simply because I’ll read almost anything to avoid the drivel that spews forth.  My husband despise network television prime time so we usually watch the “educational” channels (I term I use very generously when the “History Channel” airs such nonsense as “America Unearthed” and “Ancient Aliens”).  I generally go in search of non-fiction reading material in response to something we’ve watched or to refute the nonsense that occasionally spews from the mouth of experts.  I spend much of the time the television is on adding to my samples of Nook books or adding to my Scribd saves.  Samples , when done right by the publisher, are a great way to get a feel of the book and if you want to risk money on a new author that may just suck.  Samples and background science programming which bores me are a perfect combination.

Bored Natural Bookworm

What happens when you take a bored bookworm and hand her an electronic device?  Books accumulate by the hundreds on her Mount TBR is the obvious answer.  I find new to me authors, new series, old favorites, and potential new favorites.  Despite my love/hate relationship with electronic reading, I will admit it has greatly broadened my reading horizons.  An interesting cover will catch my attention, or one of the recommended books listed below a book I’ve clicked on sounds like something I’d enjoy.  Admittedly probably less than 50% of all books I sample translate into purchases  but that’s still a 50% than before reading apps were a thing.


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