The Lincoln Myth by Steve Berry

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The Lincoln Myth by Steve Berry was an Audible listen for me and the book in the series I read out of order. 

This time Cotton Malone finds himself trying to untangle the mystery surrounding the rights of US States to succeed from the Union.  Did the Founding Fathers intend to include this as part of the Constitution?  How are Abraham Lincoln and the Mormon faith tied up in the mystery?  Will the plot to declare succession succeed?  In a fast paced novel, spanning two continents Cotton must unravel the mystery without knowing all the facts.  His boss is keeping secrets from him, his girlfriend is kissing up to the delusion bad guy, and the president’s nephew is a throne in his side. 

This was a rip-roaring good time full of twists, turns, history, fantasy, and excellent writing.  It left the reader wanting more.  The storyline with Cassiopeia is gripping, believable, and heart breaking.  I personally hope she comes back.

Five stars out of five stars from distracting me from all of the stuff piling up around the house that needs to get done.


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